Service Consulting



Highly experienced consultants from Avineon are available to assist you with defining strategy and road maps to realize your business goals and objectives. Consulting services include:

Online and On Site Workshops and Interviews

A common understanding of the current state and the desired state among all stakeholders is vital for successful projects. Our experienced staff ensures they understand your objectives, plans, processes, procedures, systems, and associated challenges through interviews and workshops. These sessions include one-on-one interactions as well as facilitated meetings with small and large teams. In addition to reviewing the current state, these sessions also aim at developing a general understanding of best practices in the industry to accomplish the desired objectives.

Our typical deliverables from these sessions include:
  • Minutes documents
  • As is process documentation
  • Vision documents
  • Strategy architecture

High Level Analysis of Current State Plans, Process, Systems, and Challenges

Our experts and analysts assist your process managers and business line owners with the review of standard operating procedures and plans analysis of business processes, review of systems, and delivery of artifacts that aid the detailed definition of the desired state and outcomes.

The typical deliverables from these sessions include:

  • Gap analysis
  • Recommendations report

Returns on Investment (ROI) Analysis to Develop a Business Case

Developing a business case is a time consuming task as you plan process improvement and automation projects. Experienced consultants from Avineon assist with identifying return on investment (ROI) at various levels of the organization. Such returns are both objective and subjective covering a wide array of outcomes including gains in efficiencies, improvements in customer service, reduction of manual tasks, reduction of costs, and fulfillment of compliance requirements.

Deliver a Customized Road Map for Accomplishing Objectives

Improvements in mid to large scale organizations are better accomplished when change is introduced iteratively in incremental phases. Effective executive governance is also more easily achieved with a well-defined road map for improving processes within an organization. In addition to addressing the scope defined by an individual project, road maps must factor in the impact of other initiatives within in the organization and the organization's long term strategy. Avineon assists our customers by collaboratively developing and finalizing these multi-year road maps that include process and technology improvements towards achieving the desired objectives.