Emergency Management


Emergency Management Process Suite


The Emergency Management Process Suite (EMPS) is an enterprise web and mobile software platform for federal, state, local government agencies, both civilian and defense. It is a comprehensive solution to govern emergency management programs with functionality for emergency preparedness, incident management (response and recovery), and cross-agency collaboration.

Core Functionality 

The EMPS platform comes with a broad array of functionality spanning across various emergency management phases and includes tools to cost-effectively extend features and functionality. Functionality includes roles management, credentialing, contacts management, checklists, resource typing, exercises, incident action planning, communications management, resource management, after action reporting, etc.

Scalable Security Model

The platform provides an enterprise scale security model to administer user access and functionality based on a combination of organizational, generic, and incident specific role characteristics. 

Web and Mobile Access
The solution is accessible to end users through standard internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, etc. The platform is also accessible using our native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Consolidated Situational Awareness for Stakeholder and Partner Engagement

The solution consolidates information feeds from multiple response partners and centralizes the updates into one rolling stream of a searchable list. This provides a simple and easy to use interface to stay aware of the situation live and/or updated on any specific feeds to which a user has subscribed. These include region, topic, and incident specific updates and task assignments to ensure all relevant stakeholders stay informed and engaged.

Enterprise Incident Management and Information Sharing Architecture

The system provides flexible architecture to consolidate multiple instances of jurisdiction specific systems into an enterprise system that caters to the needs of multiple user communities. This enables centralized governance and configuration management for process, information collection, sharing, rollup, and reporting while maintaining localized control of  incident management activity.

Process Driven Interoperability

Traditional integration of incident management functions across response partners is limited to the enablement of systems and channels/forums to exchange and view each other’s data.  EMPS extends task and activity level interoperability based on predefined operational workflows for a wide array of incident management processes related to IAP development and approval, resource requisitions and acquisitions and allocations, message development, review and dissemination, etc.