Exercises and Drills

An effective exercise or a drill is possible only with adequate planning and a well-defined scenario that aligns with the training and testing objectives. Avineon's consultants and our strategic business partners, highly specialized in your industry assist with the following services:

Manual Exercises and Drills: Design, Facilitate, and Document Tabletop, Functional, and Full Scale Sessions

Our consultants work closely with the leadership and trusted agents assigned from your organization in researching and developing emergency scenarios for simulation during the exercises or drills. Our consultants review your plans and procedures to collaboratively design exercises or drills in alignment with your training objectives and in consideration of the skill and experience level of the participants. Our team is experienced in administering HSEEP consistent processes, work products, or equivalents according to your requirements. The typical services and key deliverables are:

  • Planning – Exercise schedule and calendar based on stakeholders and risk assessments
  • Design – Objectives, scenario with injects, expected actions, and evaluation measures
  • Facilitation – Facilitators manual and instructions, and related facilitation services
  • Control – Controller manual and instructions, single or multi-site injects control to participants
  • Participant – Player handbooks
  • Evaluation – Evaluator manual and instructions, SME evaluations, observations, and corrective actions
  • Report Development – Preliminary and final after action reports

Online Exercises and Drills Library: Loading Scenarios and Expected Actions into the Avineonics Library

Avineon's consultants assist our customers in building reusable electronic libraries of master scenario event lists (MSELS) including scenarios and expected actions to gain self-reliance with managing and executing an effective exercise and drills program within your organization. In reviewing your plans, procedures, checklists, and previous exercises and drills, our consultants develop custom libraries to aid in the design and execution of online exercises and drills within your organization. The library includes:

  • Scenarios with inject sequences
  • Expected actions by target capability or role or business unit