Exercises and Drills - Web and Mobile Apps

Exercises and drills are indispensable tools for companies when it comes to training, testing and practicing the plans and procedures developed for managing real world emergencies. Such exercises (of tabletop, functional, and full scale varieties) allow all employees to be better prepared for handling crisis situations, especially when conducted in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

How Avineonics Exercises and Drills Software Can Help Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Training Costs

The traditional methods for designing, conducting,evaluating and documenting exercises and drills is time consuming and expensive. As such, many companies limit the frequency of such exercises and drills out of necessity.

This is where Avineonics Exercise Delivery Management Suite (EDMS) can help. Avineonics EDMS supports cost-effective development, delivery and documenting of drills and exercises along the years for emergency preparedness. The system includes functionality for developing master scenario event lists (MSEL), objectives, evaluation criteria, performance indicators and corresponding libraries to maintain them for reuse. During the exercise, the controllers, participants, evaluators and observers can collaborate with the help of intuitive browser-based interfaces and mobile apps. This approach enables a consistent workflow to execute the Schedule, Design, Approve, Active, Complete, Close and Archive workflow for cyclical emergency preparedness programs. EDMS enables organizations to test the effectiveness of their plans and procedures in a wide range of real world scenarios including:

  • General emergency response plans for natural disasters and malevolent threats
  • Radiological emergency plans and preparedness
  • Continuity of operations during and following a disaster
  • Effective crisis management to minimize the effect on normal operations
  • Cyber response and recovery
  • Quarantine procedures to restrict the spread of infection during a pandemic
  • Containment and cleanup of oil spills
  • Energy assurance in times of disasters

Supported Best Practices, Industry, and Regulatory Guidelines

The Homeland Secuirty Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) - NUREG 0654/FEMA-REP-1

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - EPR-EXERCISE

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - AC 150/5200-31C

American Petroleum Institute - API 1159


Designing Exercises and Drills for Training and Testing Modes

Avineonics EDMS enables companies to design and conduct on-line exercises and drills in both test and training modes. This allows more employees across the organization to be trained in appropriate plans and procedures without being limited by expensive training regimes.

Carrying Out Exercises and Drills in a Well-Structured Manner

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the exercises, organizations to need to design, control, execute, and document the results to evaluate all significant activities. Avineonics EDMS helps organizations do so in a well-structured manner, minimizing the risk of human error.

Conducting Exercises and Drills with Participants from Multiple Facilities, Sectors, and Organizations

The feature-rich, web-based interface of Avineonics EDMS allows the exercise model to be hosted on a centralized server and accessed over your organization's network or the internet. This allows you to conduct training exercises with participants and controllers from multiple organizations and locations.

Correlating and Reviewing Participant Actions with Corresponding Injects

Exercise evaluators can review action logs to analyze any shortcomings. Avineonics EDMS enables organizations to maintain logs associated with corresponding events, event threads, and problem sets for complex scenarios. Evaluators of the exercises can record their observations, lessons reported by participants, and corrective actions directly in EDMS.

Generating Reports Based on Predefined Templates to Support Exercise Execution and After Action Reporting

Avineonics EDMS provides functionality to generate reports in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF formats. to This facilitates the creation of work products needed to deliver the exercise as well as performance logs and summaries needed for after action reports.

Maintaining a Scenario-Action Library for Reuse

Reusing scenarios from previous exercises can help your organization save precious time and money in planning future exercises. Avineonics EDMS provides designers the ability to maintain a digital library of scenarios and response actions with a record of how often they have been used to keep activities fresh for all participants.

Role Based Functionality

Avineonics EDMS provides role based functionality through web and mobile apps for following users:


Employees or contractors assigned to this role can manage exercise objectives, scenarios, events, actions (both activities and tasks), observations, and measures..


During the online exercise or a drill, controllers can launch injects and expected actions to the participants (red team and blue team) as email, text messages, or system alerts. This functionality ensures proper coordination between the controllers, red teams that represent the attackers, and blue teams that represent the defenders.


Avineonics EDMS provides participants the ability to log their reactions to the orchestrated injects through the web based portal, email, or mobile devices.


Observers can follow the actions performed by the players online through the electronic bulletin board and suggest areas of improvement and corrective actions.


Evaluators can document grading of objectives, performance indicators, and corrective actions.


Administrators can add/remove users to the system along with generating after action reports and maintaining libraries of scenarios, expected actions, injects, and corrective measures.