Governing Preparedness

Several factors differentiate resilient organizations from others, and being prepared for managing emergency situations is one of them. Internal controls for analyzing risks, reviewing emergency plans, providing training, ensuring emergency supplies, and conducting inspections, as well as the proper formulation and execution of exercises and drills, play a vital role in the preparedness of an organization. However, this can be challenging in large organizations that operate in multiple geographies and business units. It is crucial for senior management and executive leadership to assess and govern preparedness for events such as earthquakes, flood, storms, oil spills, pandemics, and cyber-attacks.

Emergency preparedness, being a shared responsibility, is challenging to govern when the organization and the business units are focused on normal business operations.

Avineonics Readiness Index is a unique on-line tool that helps organizations implement a pro-active governance program for emergency preparedness. It can assist your organization with measuring and monitoring emergency preparedness across locations and business units.

Benefits of Avineonics Readiness Index

Avineonics Readiness Index serves as governance tool for the senior managers, executive leadership, and board of directors to review and monitor the current state of preparedness based on your internal controls. For corporate level managers responsible for risk management, business continuity, and emergency preparedness, this tool creates an effective forum for collaborating with business unit managers on an annual, quarterly, and monthly basis. The underlying model provides visibility into any gaps and performance deficiencies so they can be addressed proactively, leading to the improvements in the accountability for internal controls. Executives can also conduct what-if analyses using the tool to prioritize the investments for improving preparedness to desired state. The key outcomes from implementing Avineonics Readiness Index are:

  • Recognition of shared responsibility
  • Improvement in visibility
  • Decision support for future investments

Business Edition: Key Features

Readiness Index provides flexibility to tailor internal controls relevant to your organization and develop a custom measurement model consistent with industry standards. Managers and coordinators responsible for emergency preparedness can establish internal controls and set goals for various business units to improve on their shared responsibilities for emergency preparedness.

Managers for business units at various operating sites can report their accomplishments with respect to their internal controls online.

The board of directors, executives, senior management, and key stakeholders can use the Readiness Index to monitor the organization's emergency preparedness.

Community Edition: Key Features

While organizations invest into protecting stakeholder interests, employee, and citizen welfare during emergencies, it is equally important for families and individuals to recognize their own shared responsibility. It is vital that every employee and citizen take initiative for assessing and improving their preparedness and better equip themselves for emergency situations.

The Mobile Readiness Index from Avineonics is an easy-to-use on-line tool that helps individuals and families measure their preparedness for emergency situations. Individuals and families can learn more about improving their emergency preparedness by using the mobile edition of the Readiness Index, which is easily accessible through smartphones and personal computers.