Avineon provides professional services to implement Avineonics solutions for your organization. Our project team will ensure the selected modules are configured according to your user’s requirements, integrated with existing systems, and customized to improve process assurance for your critical operations. To ensure success, we assist our customers with the following services:

Review of Existing Datasets and Tools

Existing datasets and software systems and platforms used in your organization often determine how our Avineonics solution fits into your environment. Before developing detailed requirements, our consultants conduct a preliminary review of the current state of data, processes, and automation through telephone interviews and in person visits.

Requirements Identification for Configuring and Customizing Avineonics Solutions

In working with your business analysts and power users, consultants from Avineon ensure the chosen modules and the expected functionality are reviewed and documented in consultation with all stake holders. This is achieved through the development, review, and finalization of use cases and software requirements specification (SRS) document or equivalents. These documents outline the out–of-the-box functionality available from Avineonics along with any configuration and customization proposed to meet your organization’s requirements.

Hardware Sizing Based on Hosting, User Load, and History Requirements

Our consultants assist your IT teams in developing the hardware specifications for the production, test, and development environments based on your requirements. This is done collaboratively with a joint understanding of the preferred hardware, operating systems, database systems, backup software, and certified editions of Avineonics. This is a critical step to ensure the implementation is sized correctly for performance and cost.

Configuration, Customization, and Testing of Avineonics Solutions to Meet Requirements

In most cases, Avineonics solutions and modules provide ready-to-use functionality for your organization. Ensuring the data entry screens, reports, and dashboard are configured accordingly to your forms, business rules, and processes minimizes the changes your users experience in adopting the solution. The configured solutions are tested for user acceptance prior to deployment. Depending on the extent of customizations, a series of tests including factor acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT) are conducted prior to the user acceptance testing (UAT).

Loading of Legacy Data into Avineonics Solution

Loading existing data from spreadsheets, databases, and legacy systems ensures the end users have a ready–to-use application populated with the data they need to perform their work. Our consultants assist customers with determining the extent of data loading that needs to occur and also assist with the initial load or migration of data prior to full scale deployment of the solution.

Configuration of Backup and Redundancy to Meet Availability Requirements

Our consultants assist your IT team in configuring Avineonics for your availability and redundancy requirements. This may include the data archive policy and data retrieval procedures.

Transition to Maintenance and Support

Our consultants work with your IT team to determine your preferred approach to maintaining and supporting the deployed Avineonics system. Our consultants ensure the knowledge transfer and documentation are thorough so the system is well-supported and maintained by the responsible party. Alternatively, Avineon offers full maintenance and support services based on a mutually agreed service level agreement (SLA).

Migration and Upgrade of Avineonics Solutions to Newer Versions

Avineon typically releases newer versions with improved functionality and enhancements on an annual basis. Service packs, installers, and instructions to upgrade to newer versions are available for download by authorized users. If additional support is required, our consultants are available to assist you with this determination and recommendations for planning a smooth transition for your end users. For users licensing the cloud version of Avineonics, these migrations and upgrades are implemented by Avineon with minimal scheduled downtime.