Minimizing duplicate entry of data and ensuring data ownership is well-defined are paramount to a positive user experience and long term data governance. As you implement Avineonics, it is important to fully leverage any existing technology investments. Our consultants work closely with your enterprise architects and IT personnel to understand the overlap and integrate Avineonics functionality with existing and planned systems. In close collaboration with your IT and project teams, we strive to develop an improved concept of operations that yields the highest returns for your organization with minimal technology investments both in the short term and long term.

We support following integrations consistent with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other best practices subject to your organization standards and business cases:

  • Data Integration
  • Events Integration

Designing Interface Specifications

Our consultants work hands-on with your in-house experts to design the interface specifications. This includes the development of documentation related to:

  • Use cases
  • Interface requirements
  • Data elements and ownerships
  • System events and triggers
  • Data exchanges and transformations
  • Conflict resolution rules
  • Interface architecture
  • Interface methods and mechanisms

Develop, Test, and Deploy One and Two Way Interfaces with Other Databases and Systems

Our consultants specialize in configuring point-to-point and/or middleware technologies based on enterprise services bus, web services, and database scripts to implement one or two way interfaces between Avineonics and your legacy systems. The development of the interfaces often requires joint development and test efforts with your internal and external IT teams managing the existing systems. We utilize your software development life cycle (SDLC) or default to Avineon's proven SDLC depending on your preference for deploying the interfaces.