Process Review


Process Reviews

Process Reviews

Review and improvement of ongoing processes is a common activity for most organizations. Process reviews may be initiated due to a technology implementation project, internal management directive, or regulatory body. Regardless of the driver, our consultants assist with documenting and analyzing processes for your organization.

Typical outcomes of our process review services include:

  • Clarity in AS IS and TO BE states of the business process
  • Recognition of interdependencies
  • Improved understanding among end users, IT administrators, and senior management
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement

Mapping of High Level and Detailed Processes Using Standardized Notations

Our consultants are highly experienced in modeling your business processes and work flows using standard notations such as IDEF and BPMN. We deliver these work products with minimum impact to your daily operations by reviewing existing documents in advance, conducting targeted interviews, and facilitating focused team discussions. We also ensure the boundaries of the process documentation effort are well-defined according to your expectations.

Detailed Analysis of a Function or Process Area to Analyze Gaps

Organizations rely on complex business processes carried out by knowledge workers with varying levels of expertise and using a number of systems, databases, and online tools. In order to improve performance and address deficiencies associated with a business function, a careful review of underlying sub-processes (business and logical) along with internal and external dependencies is needed. Our consultants assist your process owners and experts in conducting these detailed analyses. In addition to reviewing any existing documentation, our experts are equipped with tools to collect data on how processes are followed within an organization in a non-intrusive manner. Collecting data related to process compliance, task duration, etc. is necessary to thoroughly understand the gaps and analyze internal and external dependencies.

Identify and Review Opportunities for Process Improvement

Once a reasonable understanding of the gaps is achieved, our consultants assist your process and IT teams in identifying and reviewing potential avenues for improvement. These may take the form of additional training, implementation of new technology, revision of an existing process, or elimination of duplicated effort. Our process consultants also assist you in documenting, analyzing, and quantifying the benefits of the selected improvements.

Finalization and Roll Out of New Processes

Our consultants assist with initial mock-up and finalization of new processes based on the gaps analysis and improvement options selected by your team. Ensuring that new processes are well-documented is crucial for the business and IT teams to minimize risk and carry the improvement strategy forward for your organization.