Regulatory Utility


RUCS - Consumer Complaints Management

The ability to quickly track and respond to consumer inquiries and complaints is paramount to a successful business operation, particularly for utility service providers (such as electric, gas, water, telecom, etc.) and regulatory commissions. Clear visibility into the resolution process, including up-to-date status reports and trends, are important both for regulatory governance and continuous improvement.

Avineonics Consumer Complaints Management Suite (CCMS) is a web-based solution for logging, tracking, and resolving complaints and inquiries while keeping consumers informed about the progress. CCMS establishes a centralized and historical database for tracking all complaints/ inquiries received through web sites, e-mails, in-person visits, referrals, and other sources.


  • Progress updates for consumers
  • Workload balancing and prioritization management for supervisors
  • Shorter schedules and reduced costs for resolving complaints
  • Comprehensive oversight for administering consumer bill of rights
  • Automated generation of quarterly and annual reports

Key Features

  • Inquiries and complaints
  • Manage due dates by party (utility company, consumer, etc.)
  • Track calls, documents, and meetings by complaint or inquiry
  • Tracking by service and complaint type
  • Tracking by events and geographical regions
  • Track dollars saved for consumers
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Dashboards and reports